Meet Us!

Here’s the story of how the Crabtree family got started in the Texas Longhorn breed. In Spring 2021, Brent visited with the fine folks at Hoosier Longhorns to see their operation, learn more about the cattle, see their stock, and see if it was something that we would want to start in Pendleton, Indiana. Needless to say, before he left lunch that day he had agreed to purchase the first two longhorns from Hoosier Longhorns…Cruella de Vil (a daughter of the great Showtime Mona Lisa) and Chick a Boom (daughter of Delta Lucky Ace). Then, as they say, the rest is history. Within a few short months, the herd had grown from 2 cows to 15 and continues to grow as we fall more in love with the breed and the process.

Growing up, my (Brent’s) grandfather raised mixed beef cattle on a very small scale to feed the family but also found incredible enjoyment in simply watching the cattle out to pasture. I picked up on this from a young age and ended up going to veterinary school and becoming a veterinarian. However, due to various factors, I ended up specializing in small companion animals. I never forgot the enjoyment of being around cattle. Once we were able to get some fencing up on our small farm in Pendleton, we were hooked.

Kendra and I have been very blessed to have met some great people within the industry who have taken time to help us along the way to raise great cattle and work to preserve and improve the breed. We hope that we can raise our cattle, with our children (Brody, Kaley, and Brantley) by our side so that they can see the value in caring for these beautiful animals and lead to another generation of cattlemen.